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  • Với ren M28 cho công tắc phao LA5 tùy chọn để giám sát mức chất lỏng
  • Công suất: khoảng. 1 lít
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  • Chất liệu của các bộ phận tiếp xúc với mẫu: PVC, FKM

The condensate collection vessels TG... / TK... are specially designed to meet the requirements of analytical technology and are used as condensate collection vessels where no automatic condensate disposal is possible or desired, as e.g. in the case of gas coolers, if e.g. only very small amounts of condensate accumulate. When using peristaltic pumps as automatic condensate removal and expecting an increased quantity of liquid ingress, the condensate collection vessel can also be used as a buffer vessel. For safe operation, the condensate vessels can be equipped with a liquid-level alarm.

Condensate vessel type TK11 with manual outlet cock, capacity: approx. 1 liter with drilled hole, special connection: 1 x M 28 x 1,5, 1 x G 3/8" i, ISO, material: PVC transparent