SP2000-H320/S, 115V Mã sản phẩm: 20S5000

Sample probe type SP2000-H320/S with external ceramic filter type S-2K150, filter porosity: 2 µm, filter element seal and cover seal out of graphite, electrically heated external filter 0 to 320 °C adjustable by an integrated thermostat, high temperature limiter with reset key responding at +30 °C above Tset and low temperature alarm with potential-free status-alarm contact at -30 °C below Tset, incl. weather protection shield with insulation, mounting flange: DN 65 PN 6B with G 3/4" i connection, incl. flange gasket and screws, pre-separator out of glass/Hastelloy with peristaltic pump SR25.1, mounted on a mounting plate out of aluminium, material: SS 316Ti, ceramics, graphite, glass, PVDF, PTFE, Hastelloy, calibration gas connection: 6 mm tube with plug, sample outlet: GL 18-8 with PVDF connector for tube DN 4/6, power: 230 V/50 Hz, 800 W

M&C has developed a special sampling technique for continuous sampling of waste gas in DENOX plants (SCR) where NH3 is added to the flue gas in order to reduce the NOX content. This new sampling technique has also proved to be suitable for processes with very high pollutant concentrations. In these applications, the measurement of NOX, SO2 and O2 concentrations is a major problem. With temperatures of < 300 °C, ammonium salts are produced due to the chemical reaction of NH3 and SO2/SO3 in the flue gas. This salification is blocking filters and sample lines in a short period of time. The special M&C gas sample probe SP2000-H320/S represents a good solution for these problems.

heated from 0 to 320 °C, with ceramic filter element outside, power: 230 V/50 Hz or 115 V/60 Hz for high-temperature sampling with pre-separator, (e.g. downstream DeNOx plant)

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